ESA English for Specific Purposes 2016-2017
Dr David Rees, Agrocampus Ouest, Angers. Rim Baccar, ESA, Mohammed Ghali, ESA
Word reference (word translation) Systran (sentence translation)  Linguee (word usage)       MINT
Group 1 Agricultural Innovation
Company Creation
Tuesdays 08h30-10h00
Group 3  Common Agricultural Policy
Animal Transport Regulation
Wednesdays 10h15-11h45
Fonds européens Pays de la Loire
European Small Business Portal
Agronomy for sustainable development (INRA)
Agricultural innovation IICA
Innovative agriculture and Eco-agri tourism KKL-JNF
Innovative Farming  World Bank
DairyMaster (14m)
Aquaculture in South Africa

Lesson 115 November. 08h30. Room 3633
Introduction to programme

Pronunciation 'h'
Pronunciation 'th'

Lesson 115 November. 17h00 Room 
Introduction to programme

Pronunciation 'h'
Pronunciation 'th'

EU Farm subsidy - who gets what and why - (
Cereals trading charts (
CAP guide EU Commission
EU agricultural import duties
EU DG Trade (trade negotiations, imports and exports)
Common Agriculture Policy in Europe- The Debate
Greener and Fairer. The EU revamps the CAP

Lesson 2.  22 November. 08h30. Room 4240
Pronunciation logic
Research: EU Small Business Portal / Innovation project

Lesson 216 November. 10h15. Room 4212
Pronunciation logic
Presentation: EU lobbying
Billy wants a dog
Lesson 3.  29 November. 08h30. Room 4240
Presentation of Lombrivibe
Innovation research

Lesson 3. 29 November. 17h00. Room 4212
CAP (pdf DR)
Introduction to CAP (video)
MacDonalds and food industrialisation
Corn-fed beef and sustainability
Feedlot pollution
The Meatrix (video)
The Meatrix 2
Research: CAP subsidies
CAP (EU Commission)
Farm Subsidies
Agricultural import duties
US food subsidies

Lesson 4.  13 December. 08h30. Room 3135
Innovation research and preparation

Lesson 430 November. 10h15. Room 4212
Animal welfare group
French abatoir association
Professional consultancy agency for the proposal
German abatoir association
Professional consultancy agency for the proposal
European Parliament
Live transport of animals
Long-distance transport of calves
RSPCA Animal Transport
Without care - the transport of live animals

Lesson 5. 20 December. 08h30. Room
Presentation preparation

Lesson 514 December. 10h15. Room 4230
Negotiation preparation
Lesson 6. 3 January. 10h15. Room
Group presentation for project financing with Rim Baccar
Lesson 621 December. 10h15. Room 
EU Commission meeting for proposal on
Live Animal Transport Time with Mohammed Ghali